Our Rooms

We’re very proud of our purpose built facilities and here are some of the reasons why. We believe that the facilities at our disposal are extremely well equipped and provide your pets with a great experience whilst they stay with us, ensuring your peace of mind at all times.

  • Professional, spacious, purpose built Dog Kennels and Cattery

Often pet boarding services start as a hobby and progress into more, Castle Croft Kennels however is a professional purpose built dog boarding kennels and cattery.

  • Spotlessly Clean

We’re meticulous with our cleaning routines and make this a priority, we’re often told our facilities don’t smell like kennels, and we take that as a compliment. Notably we don’t use bleach on our floors as it can burn the paws of our guests, instead we use a powerful yet gentle formula designed for this very task. Due to the size of the kennels we’re able to set the dogs aside whilst we clean ensuring it’s done correctly and safely. Clean facilities are a priority for us.

  • Large spacious runs inside and out

After living with lots of dogs, specifically St. Bernards we understand the room that happy dogs require and a result we maintain both large kennels and catteries providing inside and outside runs for dogs of any size.

  • Thermostat regulated heating

Another key comfort feature is our thermostat regulated heating system throughout the kennels and cattery, this ensures that temperatures remain consistent at night and in particular hot or cold weather, the heating is on 24/7 as needed for their comfort.

  • A large, staffed outside playpen full of toys

The right amount of exercise and play is crucial for a dog of any age and we ensure that these needs are met with our own large, staffed field that we use to walk and play with you dogs to make sure they stay happy and in tip top condition.